Know Before You Go

Bookmark this page as a reference for information helpful in navigating the virtual conference.

Participating in the Conference

How do I get to my workshops?

The My Agenda button/link from the email you received on Thursday logs you into the event site automatically; make sure to save this email so you can go back to that button quickly. This link is specific to YOUR registration. Once you are on the site, the auto login is good for up to 2 hours of inactivity. If you are not active on the site and return to it after 2 hours you may be asked to log in. You always have the option of returning to the email and clicking that “My Agenda” button again or you can log in with the information you used when you registered for the conference. 


Note that you will see tabs for both “My Agenda” and the “Conference Schedule” page which has an agenda of all the 3-day conference sessions. However, the Conference Schedule page will NOT have links to join any of the sessions. The “My Agenda” page will have your customized agenda, and the sessions will have the View Session button - click on this button to join the various sessions. Remember, it will only show sessions that have not already taken place. So when it is past the end time of a given session and the page is refreshed, it will no longer display that completed session. 


Changing to another workshop:  If you wish to make changes to your session selections, go to your My Agenda page and click the MODIFY REGISTRATION button.  Clicking the button takes you directly to the modify registration page where you can go to the particular day(s) and change your selections. After re-confirming the changes you can return to the My Agenda page and see the changes reflected. 

Conference Platform Tutorials - Conference Website

Watch a quick walkthrough of navigating the conference website.

Conference Platform Tutorials - Zoom Sessions

Give yourself a refresher on joining Zoom meetings and webinars where the bulk of the conference sessions will take place.

Conference Platform Tutorials - Airmeet

We will use Airmeet for the Exchange Room/Networking sessions. The below video will give you an idea of what to expect when using that platform.

Visit Kaleidoscopic Views, our Learning Library

We have a wonderful collection of ePosters in our Learning Library, courtesy of your fellow AmSAT members! You can visit anytime - so be sure to check out all of the offerings. To get the most out of your browsing experience, please review this tutorial: Engaging with e-posters

Saturday Social

If you are joining us for the Saturday evening social, bring a beverage of your choice and join us.
Here is the Zoom link for the Social.

We'll have a toast, share stories, dance, and even test your Alexander trivia knowledge.

Looking for a beverage inspiration?

Safety considerations 

1. During any AmSAT online event, we are each responsible for taking care of ourselves. This includes not participating in any activities that are not suitable. All attendees need to be aware of their own capabilities and take these into consideration when participating in the workshare. For example, you may wish to observe rather than undertake the activity offered, do an alternative movement if you feel it is safer for you, and stop at any time. Please don’t undertake any activity suggested if it doesn’t feel okay or could be painful for you. 

2. If you are participating while alone in your home, you may contact the AmSAT office in advance of the event at 937-586-3732 if you wish us to help in case of an emergency. 

3. Please ensure you are working in a room where you won’t be disturbed and that you are able to move safely around during the session. 

4. Please clear the floor and area of any trip hazards, e.g., trailing cables, bags, items on the floor including toys, and pets, etc.. 

5. Check that the chair you will use for the session is suitably maintained and won’t roll. 

6. Please ensure the area is sufficiently well-lit for you to see clearly. 

7. It’s okay to move around / do what you need to do to be comfortable.